Bridge the Connection, LLC was founded in 2004 in Shanghai, China. In its early years, the company's focus was to supply textiles and fabrics out of china to markets in Europe, North & South America. Later, the company started expanding its sourcing and trading domains and started supplying Heavy Industrial machineries, large quantity of textiles, fabrics and garments. Bridge had also closed big deals of electronic supplies, Gaming consoles, Building and Construction raw materials in South Asia and the Middle East.

Today we have customers in the Americas (North, South and Central), Europe, Middle East and Asia by large and have sourced a wide variety of products for our customers.

Our experience in developing products from print to part and bringing them to market successfully is a plus for you; we sometimes give our customers pointers on how to get a product line up and going and what pitfalls to avoid. If you’re successful, we’re successful, and we strive to build relationships with our customers for the long term. We enjoy helping our customers succeed.

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Sreejith Sreedharan

Managing Director (Global)



Sujith K

Managing Director (China)



Adersh Raj

Managing Director (India)


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