We provide our customers with a critical component to their business – reliable manufacturers that deliver quality product at competitive prices.

We do this by :

Negotiating the best prices

Our China based buyers negotiate prices direct with the manufacturer. Because they are experienced professionals and Chinese nationals they can often negotiate better prices than someone from a foreign country like the U.S.


Some factories have outdated equipment and/or shoddy quality control processes; we do our best to avoid these. We source from “New China” manufacturers with up to date equipment and quality control processes, such as ISO certification. Our people in China also visit the factories to assess their capabilities.

quality control
Our relationships

In China “who you know” often determines whether you succeed or fail in business. This concept is so much a part of the Chinese business culture that they even have a name for it: guanxi. Guanxi takes years of hard work, knowledge of the culture, trips to China and patience to develop and it’s critical to do business there. We’ve been working with our contacts in China for years and have built our relationships on honesty, hard work and trust.

our relationships
Offering you China direct prices

Because you are the importer, you save thousands of dollars and avoid wholesale level markups.

direct prices

Our people in China can find the right factory in days or a few weeks, where it would take a first time buyer many months.

Our Experience

We have years of experience taking products from print to production in China and know the pitfalls to avoid. Our experience means lower prices, faster response times and better suppliers. Should you receive some defective parts (although we take many steps to avoid this) we also know how to get the problem resolved.

Helping you with the import process

We’ll walk you through the complete process of importing from China. It’s simple once you know the procedures involved.

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import process

We are your China Product Sourcing Agent

We source products for our customers through different reliable trading groups in China. We have dealt with these companies for years, and know from experience that they will back up their words.

There are many advantages to sourcing products through a China sourcing agent like us:

As a China sourcing agent, we are not obligated to promote any one factory, but will source the best manufacturer to produce your product. We make sure that we call the factories, verify that they’re legitimate, and, once the order is placed we visit them. We inspect the shipments before they leave China, and provide you with inspection results, including pictures and video.

Although we take steps to avoid this, should product be received that is not made to your written specifications (received prior to production), we insure that any defective product is either replaced or credited.

One big advantage of using a China sourcing agent is you will have Chinese speaking business persons doing the negotiations in your behalf. This is more effective than a foreigner trying to fumble around in the Chinese business culture on his own and learn the ropes as he goes.

We bridge the communication gap as well here, all our agents working for Bridge are well versed in English and Cantonese/Mandarin, which is not a given for every company trading in China.

We take care of shipping your order to the customs port nearest to you. By negotiating with the shipping companies to get lower freight rates than the average Westerner could on his own.

Most importantly, the combination of our partner companies and Bridge-TC gives you a source that you can trust to handle your needs.

Once we have agreed to take on your project and be your China sourcing agents, we will communicate with you promptly and frequently to keep your business moving forward. We will keep your product/business confidential, presenting it only as necessary to secure a quote. If your product is proprietary, upon request, our suppliers in China will agree in writing to sell your product to you alone. Our China sourcing agents will walk you through the importing process from start to finish. Our suppliers in China will replace or credit any product that is not made to the written specifications you provide us prior to the beginning of production.

As China sourcing agents, we provide this guarantee to help take the fear out of importing from China, and because we believe in the services we provide. After all, if we don’t believe in our business enough to provide a guarantee, why should you?

We value integrity. We will not steal your product or expose it to companies that need not be involved in the process of sourcing from China. We work only with suppliers who guarantee the quality of their product. Consulting on the product development, manufacturing and import process. We verify that the factory we are sourcing from is legitimate.

Through our nationwide network of customs brokers, we can provide you with a quote that will include all import costs to your door. Our more than 10 years in business proves that we are a source you can trust when it comes to sourcing from China.

We are your instant overseas purchasing team, which allows you to focus more of your time on doing the things that grow your business, such as sales and marketing. Your business will have a greater chance for success if you can spend less time on purchasing and more on the lifeblood of your business—your customers!

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